Importance of Social media marketing

connectsocial media marketing leads to increased sales, increased leads, increased brand awareness and improved communication with clients and customers. The key to this  is consistency.  By showing up regularly and often, people can rely on you , your services and advice.

Customers can share a positive review, which builds credibility and trust for your brand. This might lead to new customers acquisition and better communications with customers.

Website traffic can be increased by linking through from social media sites and blogging sites to your website. If you create engaging content people will want to see more.  If you make use of this effectively you can really increase traffic to your website where your products and services are spelled out to the letter. Remember content is king! Don’t forget to reply to complaints, queries and questions quickly and politely otherwise people might question your customer relationship management and expertise.

People often like to share things. I would definately share things I find interesting with my group. In Social media marketing, peopole do your advertisement for you free of charge! Facebook and Twitter are both excellent tools for this. Video content can also go viral in video channels. It all depends on content.

Reasons Social Media Marketing

Adverts / Marketing
Image advertising, image representation, product announcements, sales promotion actions
Brand building and management
Sales activities
customer Support
Public Relations
Product Development
Market research
Human resources management (expert knowledge)
Knowledge management (key point: Wiki)
Internal communication (instead of email)
Content Syndication (or exchange the multiple use of media content)
Increase the visibility of
→ spread through multipliers (eg, bloggers)
Optimization in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page)
Building your own community


Benefits of social media marketing


1) Increased awareness of the organisation

2) Increased traffic to Web site

3) Greater favourable perceptions of the brand

4) Able to monitor conversations about the organisation

5) Able to develop targeted marketing activities

6) Better understanding of customers perceptions of their brand

7) Improved insights about their target markets

8) Identification of positive and negative comments

9) Increase in new business

10) Identification of new product or service opportunities

11) Ability to measure the frequency of the discussion about the brand

12) Early warning of potential product or service issues

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