Top 10 social channels for your business

1. Facebook social network

Facebook is one of the largest social networks that can help you grow your business. You may post links, images and videos of your products and business. Facebook is also a great place to share promotions and offer discounts. Drives traffic to your sites with the aid of “share” and “like” buttons.


Twitter can be a major player in your social media presence. You may stay in touch with your customers and provide another level of real time customer service.

3. LinkedIn

Users could get themselves connected to a people in the same interest of work and industry to build a network. It is a platform to attract the right kind of business opportunities, and perform searches to find service providers or partners. LinkedIn is an effective medium to exchange information, ideas and opportunities in a professional manner. Are you searching for a job or trying to network with like-minded individuals? Linked in might just be the platform for you.


If you aren’t using Google+ to market your business on the web, then you are seriously missing out on an unparalleled opportunity. Google makes it very easy for you to offer customers who visit your Places page special offers and coupons. Categorize users to let available certain posts to determinate persons on the chosen circles. Also can be made to classify your customers on levels depending on their needs, that makes easier for you to publish specific contents interesting for each circle.


Largest video sharing channel that helps you to reach the target audience by uploading videos for free. Create and maintain a good channel and provide links to your site, so that people who like your videos might go to your site, or better yet, share it with others. YouTube channels have a devoted mass of subscribers and fan-following. You can create a channel on YouTube for your videos and you can even embed them onto your website.

6. Instagram

Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app, but it is also a social network. It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and familys. Once a username has been created, one takes photos, has a chance to add interesting, rather enhancing, filters to their images, and then uploads them.

7. Tumblr

Tumblr is another form of microblogging. It is heavily influenced by image sharing. You can follow other users and be followed back. “Reblogging” and “liking” is a popular way to interact. If you post great content, you will definately attract many followers. Tumblr allows you to microblog, which means that you can share your posts quickly and easily with your social communities.  It is of immense benefit for online business marketers since it allows customization of page design and domain name which are very important in marketing your buisnessl.


Pinterest is a virtual pin board incorporated within a social network. It is social platform that allows consumers to promote products and services for free.The Wall Street Journal said that “Pinterest has become a valuable tool for marketers, who are using it to connect with consumers, drive traffic and increase brand awareness.”  Pinterest can help both existing and potential customers understand your businesses point of view. It provides an opportunity to share what’s important to you and what inspires you.


StumbleUpon is a great way to share your interests, gobble up interesting pieces of information, and network and share with friends all at the same time!. You can submit your own pages, like other pages, and growing a following. It can bring you tons of from people actually looking to just browse the internet for a random page.


Digg is a website that encourages people to submit links of interesting articles that they come across on the internet. The whole community can then access these stories and comment on them. Voting is also done and the posts

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