Keyword research

keyword researchWhat is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the act of reviewing data from numerous web sources, services, and competitors to find out which keywords are either the most popular or most powerful words to use for organic and/or  paid traffic sources for a websites online marketing and/or advertising campaigns.

A successful small business Search Engine Optimization strategy depends upon a solid foundation – and that foundation is keyword research. If you are not targeting the terms that are most popular in a keyword search that applies to your business, little else matters from an organic SEO perspective.

Keyword research isn’t just useful for organic search engine optimization. It’s also crucial for your paid search campaigns.

Do you know which keywords your website should be optimised for?

Taking the time to uncover how your target market uses language when they search for products or services like yours will have a tremendous impact on your buisness.

We use state of the art keyword research tools, that enable us to determine how many searches are performed for a particular keyword every month in Google search engine which accounts for almost  90% of UK Internet searches.

Keyword Research process

  • We first list all keywords that are used to search for your types of products and services on the web.
  • Then we eliminate  keywords that are not relevant to your business, keywords that are seldom used and keywords that have too much competition (too many web pages that are optimised for that keyword). Through this process we select the five best keywords you should be targeting.
  • As part of our in-depth keyword research we also evaluate up to three websites you would be competing against for each of the keywords.

It is vital for a website to be listed for the right keywords. Structuring your SEO efforts on irrelevant keywords for your services or products will lead to visitors that have no value for your site. Using the right keywords translates in visitors finding exactly what they were looking for when entering your website. With the right content, visitors will always return to your website to buy your products and services.

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