Website traffic report

website traffic report

Using Analytics and Reporting to Accurately Measure and Track ROI

Website traffic report and Measuring ROI is a key component of any inbound marketing campaign. Website traffic analysis and Reporting makes it possible for you to not only measure, but also refine and optimize your marketing efforts.
We use a variety of different website traffic measurement and analysis tools, examine industry trends and use our experience to inform and explain user behavior.
We can will help you stay on track, regularly review and refine your marketing efforts, and help you achieve greater ROI from your marketing budget.

Analytics and Website Traffic Report in Manchester


  • Professional Installation of Analytics Tools: We will install tracking and analytics tools to track indicators that are aligned with your business goals. We will help you track visitors as they move across all your domains.
  • Goal Tracking Strategy: We work closely with clients to design a goal tracking strategy. We will establish benchmarks within Google Analytics or Piwik and filter out data points that may skew results to increase reporting accuracy.
  • Monthly Reporting: We analyze and interpret your data using a variety of measurement and analysis tools to provide you with comprehensive reporting, including business insights and recommendations for future strategies.
  • Custom Analysis and Reporting: For customers requiring more detailed analytics, we offer custom analysis and reporting using a variety of proprietary, third party analytics tools and industry trend data to conduct in-depth analysis and produce comprehensive reports.

We will setup custom web reports that give you the data you need when you need it.  Reports will be mailed to you.

Why  web analytics reports are necessary.

When you invest in the promotion of your websit, various paths can be used – organic search optimization, PPC, email marketing campaigns, advertising banners, social media marketing. And of course you are eager to tract and know what promotion source works better. How can you find out if the targeted audience visits your website? 

Traffic efficiency reports

We show you how effective your website promotion methods are.

  • Referring organic keywords – what people searched for when they landed on your  website
  • Referring PPC keywords – if you run PPC campaigns, it is interesting to know which keywords force sales
  • Referring sites – which websites refer the most visitors to her website
  • Campaigns – which of all advertising campaigns – email newsletter, banners, links – were most profitable
  • Direct typing – those visitors who entered her site typing the URL address directly into the address line, already knowing what they are looking for; this metric shows how popular your brand and website is.

Using Google Analytics and Piwik one can make important website analysis and reports. We include this demographic information in your report.

Without data about your website’s visitors you cannot know how they are finding your site or what they are doing when they visit you. This is why effective web analytics and website traffic reporting is vital to the success of your online marketing activity.

For small businesses, I recommend using Google Analytics. This is free to use and reports enough data to generate actionable insight.

We can help with setting up your Google Analytics account, health-checking and analysing the resulting data; reporting back the website traffic reports in a manner that is relevant to the questions you need answered.

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